Sorry if this is a repeat post but I can't find any other references
to it.

Our internet access is governed by a group object that the access rule
tied to. Everytime we add another user to that group I need to
refresh the rules on the server before it will take effect. Is there
console command that can be used to re-read to rules? Running
NWAdmin32 is
generally a pain, and many when I try and access the BM setup tabs it
tells me that BM is not installed on this server and the only way to
it to reboot the server. Not exactly ideal if I just want to enable
internet access for another user as I kills all the VPN connections
internet/email access.

So, in a nutshell, is there a console command that can be used to
the BM rules from NDS?

Matt Hudson,
Principle Network and Communications Officer,
Burnley Borough Council.
CNA 6/5/4, CNE 5/4.