We have 5 vlan;
- Server employers
- Server students
- Server common
- LAN Employers
- LAN Students

My ide is to set up an iPrint-server on "Server common" to share printers to both teaches and students. Between server-vlans there is no filtering.
But from the two LANs there is only nessesary ports open for printing to "Server common".

On vlan "Server employers" we have one NW6.5SP7-server
In vlan "Server common" i installed a new NW6.5-server and manage to make it a replica-server to the first server. This is set up as iPrint-Server. This work ok!

Now im sitting on vlan "LAN Employers" and want to copy the printer-drivers over to the new server, but i cant map any volumes. It seems there is some ports blocked.
What port must be opened between vlans so i can map volumes? Only NCP!?