Have a re-occuring problem. We've recently upgraded from z3 to z7. We decided to create a new group policy for all staff members. We had gone through it, applied custom adm's, made a number of changes, tested it and have started to roll it out.

The policy is at the root of the tree and is stored on one server that everyone has access to.

On multiple occasions since beginning the roll out, we've had people calling with the 2nd login box, their folders are no longer re-directed to their server drives, etc. Each time we've gone in and checked the policy and its almost like its reverted back to all default settings.

The file location has not changed, we've not had anyone making changes to the policy unless its a group decision and only 1 person then makes the change. The adm's we copied to the directory are gone, we've had to re-import and re-do all of them. With one exception the creation and all changes were done on the same pc.

Has anyone else seen this?