Not sure if this is part of a client issue or Netware issue but I thought I would start here. No matter where I log in under my user ID, one Netware volume (FS1\Vol1) is showing up with 0 bytes under free space. The problem is that this is my home directory and the area that is my archive for GroupWise. This is a major problem since I cannot copy anything to my 'H' drive and when my mail archives it gets a delayed write failed and is not archiving my mail, but my mail is disappearing into never-never land. I have searched everywhere for an answer to this problem and came up with nothing. When searching the forum there is a link to a post from November 21, 2003, however when I click on it, it does not direct me to the answer, it takes me to another forum that does not go back to 2003. Can anyone help me with this?