After I reboot a pc, I can login to nds (using an rdp connection to the xp
pro workstation) just fine.

If I disconnect the rdp session, wait a couple hours, then connect again to
the workstation via rdp, I am presented with the novell login gina showing
the WORKSTATION ONLY checkbox.

If I put in credentials, it will fail to login to nds.

If I login with the workstation only box checked, it appears that my access
to drived mapped on a prior login no longer exist.

This happens on both the main office & branch office lans.

It is a small net with <50 users total.

Wan link is vpn across the Internet. Branch office has T1, main office has
4mb link to Internet.

Server at branch office has full replica.

Is there a white paper on tuning parameters for wan connections?

Any idea why this is happening?