Netware 6 - BM 3.7 - latest patches installed

A new bm server. There may be a couple of issues here that don't
belong in
the forum but here is the problem. I have put on a new bm server and
starting it does not always start the proxy - sometimes it does and
sometimes it doesn't and I have to manually do it. The rules in
are not being read. I have added 2 rules and when I hit OK or refresh
server in NWAdmin, "waiting for timestamp synchronization of
comes up on the server console several times (never did this on my old

server) and then finally the message comes across that "aclcheck.nlm
read 0
rules from nds". Why is it not reading my rules?

Additionally, this is the fourth server in the tree and does NOT have
replica on it. From my reading here I believe that it should but can't

figure out how to do it. NDSManager is no longer there and I can't get

Imanager to come up on this server. I can get it on other servers. And
if it
does come up, I can't find how to put a replica on.

All help is appreciated.