Has any one found a way of uninstalling BOE (installed with ZCM 10.0.x) from a SLES 10 SP1 server? I am trying to upgrade ZCM to 10.1. The base ZCM product has upgraded ok, but the docs say that you can't upgrade to ZRS if the old BOE is installed. And you can't uninstall BOE on SLES (so Novell tell me)! I don't think that rebuilding a Linux server just to do a product upgrade is really acceptable (although it may well come to that).

Its sad that opting to go SLES instead of Windows appears to have been a wrong decision in this case. I hope this isn't indicative of Novell's general policy to supporting their own Linux distro.

So, as a last resort I'm hoping that someone here has found a way to do it.