I have several XP machines in ZCM that I have accessed, clicked on the vulnerabilities tab and "deployed remediation" to. (testing Office 2007 SP1 installation to 9 machines in a workstation group)

At 2 of the workstation, i've watched the ZPM package download and install, and the popup appears afterwards asking for a reboot. All looks ok.

Back on the central console, the workstation group vulnerabilities screen showed 9 machines, 2 patched, 7 not patched - again all looks ok.

Went back to the same webpage 30 minutes later, and now its showing 9 machines, 0 patched, 9 not patched!

3 of the machines are offline (testing again, does it get installed at reboot if the schedule has passed), but the other 6 machines are all showing Office 2007 SP1 installed on them, but central console showing 0 patched.

What can I check to see why the reports aren't showing up back on the central server? log files?

Anyone else seen this happening?

I have an SR open, but thought I'd ask on here as well.