I've had my Macbook Pro for 10 months now. All is going very well, and I
love it. Last night I had a kernel panic though! Surprised the heck out of
me, because it pops up this message that your Macbook needs to be restarted,
and of course you can't do anything BUT restart. Luckily I have tons of
computers here <g>, so I was able to look it up on the web before I believed
it, because I thought there was some new Mac virus out there that had
infected me <g>.

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

My guess is that something went wrong with the CIFS share that I had to my
music server! I had just finished cleaning up a Leonard Cohen recording in
Audacity when it happened, and was saving the finished tracks to MP3 out on
the music server. Now I get to do that again <g>.