This is the trial, mind you, but I'm about at whit's end here.

First, as a historical note, I installed GMS 2.01 a year ago for a spin to show management what it can do...worked flawlessly with GW7.01.

My problem is SMTP relaying....I'm receiving 550 Relaying Denied on the GMS console & same message in GWIA.

GMS 2.04 - Win2k3 SP1

GWIA 7.02hfx1 - Netware 6.5.7

I've set the SMTP IP in the GMS console to both the public/private ports, set the relay exception to both the public and private ports in GWIA...still no joy. I'm rather stumped here...I'm sure it's something simple and stupid I've overlooked...thoughts? I have copiers that relay without issue!!!