Much like the other recent thread, I am having a reboot every half hour problem on one server. Every 32 minutes actually. Except mine is on Netware 6.0sp5 and my abends don't show CPU hog.

Yes, Netware 6.0 sp5.

The abends started following upgrading eDirectory from 8.6.2 to 8.7.3 to This upgrade is part of a process to migrate the network to OES2 Linux. I have done this upgrade on 5 other 6.0sp5 servers without running into this issue.

I have attached the log with the abend 1.

I also have an abend 2 log, a config.txt, and a dstrace.dbg (dstrace all) that runs right up to time of reboot, but it doesn't appear to my untrained eye to provide anything useful. I can post any of this info if it would be of any use.

CIFS is already commented out of autoexec, as well as AV and most other things. NDPS is still running, but in testing it doesn't seem to matter whether it's running or not.

Any suggestions of things to try or specific components to update would be welcome. It must be happening on something very specific because it's rebooting at the same time interval each time. It would be nice to know what that something is...