We are running two servers in our office a Windows 2003 server which is
running sql primarily and a netware 6.0 sbs running groupwise 6.04

We are attempting to consolidate the servers, while the firm is quite
large in transactions and sales generation, don't really see a need for
multiple servers. They simply need some redundancy. They are
completely sold on Groupwise and having been using it for over 4+ years
and want to move to GW7. If they could run their sql off the netware
server they would have done it but the app only uses Microsoft sql and
the port to another was too costly. At this point the hardware
(especially of the netware server) is old and needs to be replaced.

Which would you recommend

1. Put everything on one dual core box. Windows 2003 sbs, install edir
and copy po over and install groupwise agents and let everything run on
one box.

2. Purchase a dual core install Suse 10 server, virtualize the server
in Xen. Can one use a Portlock image to bring everything over into the
vm box? And also vm the Windows 2003 machine

3. Purchase a new dual core and install the Windows 2003 and run the
older netware in a vm under vmware server.

Personally I would rather stay with Netware but it is not felt it is
necessary as long as they have Groupwise 7. We were going to purchase
portlock to image the Netware box but may hold off depending on what we
decide to do. What suggestions anyone has is appreciate.