I am having an issue with browsing to a few sites. Our BM server (3.9 sp1)
that has been up and running with no problems. Then last Thursday (8/14) I
began getting reports from users regarding slow performance for particular
sites I'm listing the three I test with below.




I have shut down IP filters and access rules, with no effect. It is not
every Internet site, just a few, but the list is growing. I tried checking
the DNS servers, per Craig's post, and all the external DNS servers I try
show "up" for a short while then go "down". Of the three servers in
"resolve.cfg" only our internal DNS server show as "UP". The two that are
shown as "DOWN" can be used to resolve addresses on workstations throughout
our network.

The web sites go through and load some but not completely with the message
"waiting for" or "transferring data from", then after a long, long time it
times out with a message similar to "The connection to the server was reset
while the page was loading. The network link was interrupted while
negotiating a connection. Please try again."

I have set up the two other DNS servers as forwarders from our internal DNS
server. As of a few minutes ago the three test sits were working. But the
proxy server says that the DNS servers (external) are down, and our Internal
is up.

What Am I missing?