I have a SLES10 SP1 OES2 x64 server that has been working OK. Recently, how long ago I'm not exactly sure, an administrator ran an update and apparently undated the SLES10 SP1 kernel but the NSS modules were not updated. This server was restarted recently and now NSS is not running properly.

NSS does not fully start and the NSS "volume" does not mount. If you run "novell-nss start" from /etc/init.d you get a messeage that "nwraid.ko" cannot be found.

I've read the "nssmodulesinwrongKernelDirectory" on the Cool Solutions wiki and I've attempted (unsuccessfully so far) to install the four nss related packages from the OES2 CD...two never come back from "resolving dependencies" and one said it was already installed...haven't tried the 4th one yet but I'm not holding out much hope for it.

Can nss be uninstalled without messing anything up using Yast? And if so, can nss be re-installed without messing anything up?

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Novell has masked a great of the complexity of using nss and other eDirectory enabled services on SLES. As long as everything works OK...no problem. But as soon as something breaks the fix is not readily apparent or sometimes not available without that $750 call to Novell.. Here is what I'm talking about...Novell needed to tell everyone NOT to upgrade SLES10 SP1 to SP2 if they were running OES2. I'm afraid OES2 is still a bit of a "house of cards" that can too easily be knocked down. So here we are almost 5 years since Novell acquired SUSE and 3 years since OES1 shipped and we still have stuff like this to deal with.
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Tim Wessels