Honestly, when GroupWise Mobile Server is having no problems it's great. When it breaks, well, that's when I realize you get what you pay for.

GWMS 2.0.4/Intellisync Mobile Suite Server Version, Client Pack Version
GWMS Server is Windows 2003 SP2 with latest updates
GW PO and Domain are at 7.0.3+


This particular user is having a problem where the deletion of some messages in the GW client does not also delete the message on the GWMS web PIM. This has happened before and it either resolved itself or the user stopped asking about it figuring it would never get fixed. Either way it became a non-issue. This time it's not that simple.

As usual the error messages, assuming they indicate an error condition, provide no assistance in isolating the problem...

08/19/2008 09:26:52 AM - Unexpected failure detected: NestedException
08/19/2008 09:26:52 AM - Sent Items Synchronization
Error occurred sending records
08/19/2008 09:26:52 AM - Unexpected failure detected: ServerException
08/19/2008 08:35:15 AM - Synchronization started

I've searched the C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\log folder for entries related to this account and found a bunch of stuff that doesn't look like failures and then some that do...

'username' in C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\log\PIM_08_18_2008_1.log (Matches Only):

00074: I 10:11:22.234 128635 User [username] failed to log in to website
00187: D 13:07:37.093 e8606c GALLookup[username]:: com.sync.gallookup.GalLookupRequestImpl@1203df2 cannot be handled by
com.sync.gallookup.pluginactivedirectory.GalLookup PluginActiveDirectory reason: Excluded by user profile
00188: D 13:07:37.109 e8606c GALLookup[username]:: com.sync.gallookup.GalLookupRequestImpl@1203df2 handled by
com.sync.gallookup.plugingroupware.GALLookupPlugin GroupWare
00190: D 13:07:41.531 e8606c GALLookup[username]:: com.sync.gallookup.GalLookupRequestImpl@1203df2 did not have match in
com.sync.gallookup.plugingroupware.GALLookupPlugin GroupWare

In most cases deleting the user account and device, then recreating them, has solved problems with GWMS. That hasn't worked here. Other things I've tried, checked, etc.:
- she is using a Palm Treo 650
- others are not seeing this problem, but there aren't that many people who use it religiously, and fewer that are also my department VP
- verified that her credentials do work for GWMS (web PIM...connections...)
- reset her GWMS account
- ran a strucural rebuild and contents check on her mailbox
- deleted and recreated her user account and device on GW mobile server several times
- reinstalled the client software on her PDA...at least three times
- Restarted GW Mobile server...about 85 times so far
- Reinstalled GW mobile server software...twice
- uninstalled last Windows updates...reinstalled last Windows updates
- scandisk on the hard drive
- cursed and walked away

I can send her a test messages from inside or outside and it will be handled properly. But some other messages, both internal and external, will get stuck. Different senders, nothing special about the messages that I can see. Most messages get handled properly.

Will she just have to deal with it? Will there ever be an error message reference? Will Dave and Sally continue to hang out together after school starts? Who knows? Anyone, anyone?