Hello all,

I just upgraded to eDir 8.8.3, on Netware 6.5sp7 (OES netware) and I am getting the popups from h311! Every 2 seconds everyone in my environment is getting the authentication failure

Since the eDir forum is not responding, thought I would put it here too to see if is just an iPrint issue. eDir looks healthy! I can move my master around, no errors. All looks good. However, on on server, I got stuck unloading nldap because I had a username in the LDAP server group. The server hung for 2 hours. Eventually I just rebooted and the server appeared to come up just fine. However, it never finished the last step of the 8.8.3 install (the xconsole stuff). I don't know how to repatch the 8.8.3 install.

Any ideas?