I am facing a difficulties about restored image and registration.
Please, give me an advice.

eDirectory server: NetWare6.5 SP6
ZCM10SP1 server: Windows2003R2SP2 32bit
Client Computer: Windows XP SP2

This is what I did;
1. Created Device Group, XP Computers
2. Created a new Registration Rule, XP Desktop Group with following Criteria
* Device Type = Workstation
* OS = WinXP SP2 x86
* IP Address -start with-> 192.168.0
* Hostname -start with-> XP
Then, linked to "XP Computers" device group
3. I created a XP client as XP001, and discovered; then, ZCMAgent was deployed by ZCM10 successfully.
4. XP computer was rebooted after ZCMAgent was installed and this computer, XP001, was registered in to a workstation group, "XP Computers".
5. I created a client image based on above and created without any problem.
6. Created an imaging bundle to restore the client image above to deploy to other identical desktops as Multicast Image Set.
7. Started the identical computer on the network and restored image by ZEMIMaging over the network, and the client image was restored without any problem.
8. Renamed the computer from XP001 to XP002 manually because I do not know how to rename the computer name when image is restored as XP002 at the moment.

Up to here, there is no problem.

However, I found that the 2nd PC, XP002, has not been registered under XP Computer Group.
I cannot find XP002 but XP001 is there as this is the original image.

I ran discovery task again but no luck.
I do not think discovery tasks help did but I did it few times.

Result of "Discovery Tasks" shows two computers now - XP001 and XP002.
However, I cannot find XP002 under Device-> Workstations.

When I logon to XP002 computer, user policy is available but no Device Policy, of course. On the other hand, XP001 has both User and Device Policy.

Due to XP002 is not in the list under Device -> Workstations, I even cannot add XP002 to any groups manually.

Give me some advise, pls?
I am really stuck in here.