We have had BM3.7 instaleld for some time and it has all been working
until recently. I have many different rules within the BM filters and
I use
filtcfg to create/configure them, until recently this has worked fine.
could not get the iManage interface to work and since then we have
to 1.5 which I don;t think supports the bm plugins.

The problem I have not got is that the whenever I go into change the
the changes are accepted but I then go back in and the filters are not

saved. There seems to be lots of duplicate entries which also when
they are
deleted and I go back into filtcfg they are still there. I have
filters.cfg and it isn't read only. I have tried manally editing
filters.cfg but the ones I want to delete aren't there!

Anyone got any ideas?

Matt Hudson,
Principle Network and Communications Officer,
Burnley Borough Council.
CNA 6/5/4, CNE 5/4.