I'm actually migrating 1000 users from novell to AD, by smalls amounts (~50).

Once they are on the AD domain, they have to continue accessing Novell file server through CIFS in domain mode.

We are now at 150 users approx. going through it, and the novell server is becoming very unstable. This morning It already crashed 3 times!!

When the CIFS access is not functionning any more, I try to unload CIFS module, and it freeze the Novell server until hard reboot.

I get this error msg yesterday:
fatal exception (Number 14, clause abend page fault running process CIFSPROX.NLM16326 code executing in module CIFS.nlm V3.24a at offset +33E86h.

Please someone can help me, as I'm not novell expert, and I can't continue migrating like that, with server crash every hour.

Thanks in advance,