we had to move a few hundred NSM-managed group folders to a different NSS volume, and now NSM is understandably unhappy about the cccfsfactorygrouphomedir attribute (which we mass edited to point to the new location) not matching the catalog dir anymore. What's the best procedure to get this fixed again?
Seems like a group backfill is needed, only nsmadmin does not offer backfills for multiple groups at a time. Each group backfill requires 5 mouseclicks, plus an additional 9 clicks per container to navigate the admin interface, makes an estimated ~2000 mouseclicks I'd have to waste my time upon.
Is there a better way of doing it? And what if I just left it as it is, which normal operations would be affected (add/remove group members basically)? Anyone else done this before?

Cheers, Lothar