i have a question about the tftp.ini on NW6.5, ZEN 7.01, special
at the "BlksizeDisabled" Parameter ...
In another forum a User writes, this parameter resolve some
problems in a WAN environment, when the connections not support
the full ethernet packet - for example in ADSL or VPN connections.

My customer have some problems with exact this function (TFTP over WAN)
and i set "BlksizeDisabled" the paramter to 1.
OK - the problems to be broken, because this parameter set the tftp-paket
size to the 512 bytes.
Now, the customer is not really hapy and will enhance this paket size to
the highest level. But how? Is this if any possible ?
In the tftp.ini isn't value present ...
In the linux zenworks documentaion i found a specified value
"TransferBlockSize" in the combination with "BlksizeDisabled", but
the "TransferBlockSize" entry in the tftp.ini on the Novell Server was ignored
and the server sendt tftp pakets only with the 512 bytes size.
Have you any ideas?