I use Netware 6.6 SBS SP7 and use SBCON for backup. Due to a system crash, I lost my session files log. My backup tapes has several jobs, with some jobs beginning on a phisical tape and ending in another tape and even continuing on a 3rd tape.

So I tried to recreate the logs and error files using "Create session files". When I execute a job, the first tape of the original (1st) job goes OK, and the job ends without asking me for a 2nd tape. When a run a new "Create.." job in the 2nd tape, the new job gives an error without creating any log or error file.
When a run a new job in the 3rd tape, who have the last part of the first job and the beginning of the second job, the the last part os the first job was ignored, but the second job goes OK. So I cant recover the 2nd and 3rd parts of first job.

I couldn't find nothing about it in documentation, so again I asking: any ideas?