This is crucial to my task and driving me nuts.
I am running Vista Business SP1
Netware Client for Vista Update 6

Loging into the domain appears to be impossible (the error is " unknown logon error ") after renaming the computer with vbscript or using netdom. Manually renaming the computer through "system properties" seems to work fine for some odd frustrating reason.

When I run the netdom command it executes fine no errors, the computer reboots and it comes back to the login screen. I attempt to login, Netware logs in (Novell login succeeded), but it then throws up a second prompt to login to the computer/domain (it usually runs straight through as user/pass is synced). I put my credentials back in and it just throws back the error (unknown logon error). I can logon with a local account but not with any domain user. When I logon locally I can see that the computer name has in fact been changed and in AD I can see that the computer object has also been renamed.
The same scenario happens if I use vbscript to rename the computer.

Renaming/Domain logins work fine when renaming the computer using netdom or vbscript as long as the Vista Client is not installed.
I am open to any ideas big small or otherwise.