We have Bordermanager 3.7SP2 with Surfcontrol content filtering.
Right now
most of the users are using the Transparent HTTP Proxy which BM
The problem we are seeing is that the Content Filtering is not
between the Transparent and Direct proxys. Some sites won't be
filtered on
the Transparent Proxy but will Directly. It seems that it works OK
directly, but we'd like it to work on the Transparent as well, so we
have to go around to 300 stations and set them up with a manual proxysetting. This doesn't seem to be a Surfcontrol issue specifically,
other rules on the ACL that we have tried are also showing
results. One example would be http://*gator*/*. If you go to it via
Manual proxy, it blocks everything with the word 'gator' in the
but via the Transparent proxy it doesn't work hardly at all (it only
a few of the images on the main page).

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated, thx!

Jack Dobiash