And another issue:

The ZENworks Agent will not automaticly register with my ZCM server.

When I do a manual registration (zac reg I get an error:

Unable to register with the server at
Unexpected server result. Server code: -34. Server message Invalid Device
Authentication Information.


When I do a: zac reg http://mainzen01 I get a popup Window, stating that:
The subject name in the certificate presented by the server to which you are registering does not match the hostname in the URL used to contact the server....

Certificate Details:
Subject:, OU=ZENworks
Issued by:, OU=ZENworks, O=Internal Certificate Authority

I can accept the server certificate, but then I keep receiving the error Server Code -34

I already tried to
Clear the cache by running zac cc
Deleted the GUID from the registry
rebooted the machine
Uninstalled and reinstalled Agent manually

Nothing helped

anyone any ideas?