I have a BorderManager 3.7 sp3 running on a Netware 6 sp5 server. This
thing is rock solid and I am hesitant to mess with it, especially since
I just got though dealing with some serious instability problems with
their primary server.

I am concerned that the longer I wait the more issues there will be to
upgrade to the next version. That aside, I wonder if upgrading will
resolve things like the need to un-check the, Use TLS 1.0, in Firefox to
allow it to display the BM login page and speed up the display of that
page. I also wonder what improvements there are in the newer version.

I know I am facing a dual upgrade, Netware and BM. I really don't want
to introduce any instability in their Internet connection. They are a
school and really rely on it.

The bottom line question is, should I upgrade, and if so, what are the
issues with going from version 3.7 to 3.9?