I'm not sure where to post this. We are having the following problem. A user will have an excel spreadsheet open and will leave the PC for a while. Upon returning, they try to save the file. The workstation sits for a minute and an error is returned saying there is an error saving the file. If you try the save a 2nd time it saves fine. If you look at monitor on the server and look at the file, you will see the connection time reset to zero. THis will repeatedly occure. Let the PC sit for another half hour try to do the save again and you will get an error, try a 2nd time and the save goes through and the connection time is reset. Now wait anothe half hour, this time try opening a DOS window and edit a file on the server. This works fine, no errors, then go to the spreadsheet and try to do a save, the same error occurs. This leads me to believe it it not a server problem, or a communications problem, but something to do with either windows XP or Microsoft office, maybe in connection with the netware client. Has anyone seen anything similar? Any help is appreciated.