I have a netware 6/sp2 bmgr 3.7/sp1 server. I use the access rules.

Yesterday I was reading TID10078519 and added two more websites to
existing URL deny lists and a deny port rule. This is what I added to

deny URL list:


The deny port rule was origin server 444-65443.

After I applied them people were not able to get to Yahoo finance. Yahoo finance web address is http://rd.yahoo.com. I tried deleting
those rules and they still could not get into yahoo finance. I had to

take the check off of Enforce Rules in NWadmin - Bmgr setup tab. and

then when all the timestamps were successful I went back in and put
check back in. I could get to Yahoo finance. I added the above rules

back in and could still get into yahoo finance. Is there any
explanation for this? Could something be happening to my rules or the

ACLcheck.nlm? I have had problems with that NLM before. I have found

that loading and unloading that NLM seems to solve access rule