I was going through the update process and everyuthing was fine until I got
to the database. It backed up fine, but the "dbisql" utility doesn't load
correctly. It gives and error message about not being able to find
"libjsyblib500_r.so". I looked and it is a symlink to
"libjsyblib500_r.so.1" and there are copies of the symlink in what appear to
be the correct places. The instructions aren't too clear about this process
but there is a query "select * from sa_conn_info();" that is supposed to be
run. My database is not very filled, we've had too many 10.0.3 problem to
make it work.

How important is this query? Is there something else systemic wrong (sybase
not being installed correctly?) that needs to be corrected before I

Should I uninstall 10.0.3 and start over with a clean install of 10.1?