I know this is a commonly mis-understood part of zenworks - I thought I understood it, though i rarely use it. I'm trying to use it now, but it isn't doing what I expected, so I'm looking for some insight into how it's supposed to function.

I'll start with what I'm trying to achieve - distribute an exe file to the windows dir of all workstations in certain workgroups, but not to other machines.

To achieve that, I created a Simple Application, then:
In Distribution Options, Application Files, I added my exe file, set the target location to the windows dir and set it to Distribute Always.
In Run, I left it set to Install Only.
In Associations, I added the workstation groups I wanted to install the file on and set them to Force Run.
All other settings are left on their default settings.

My understanding of Force Run for Workstation (Group) association is that the "workstation parts" of the app would be distributed, but "user parts" would not, and nothing would acutally be run.
"Workstation parts" I understood to be HKLM reg settings and files (or the "Workstation" parts of an MSI app).

The file has not appeared on any workstations, so evidently it's not working the way I expected! Can anyone correct my thinking here?