Please help,We are getting the following errors on our pcs as listed in the following doc. These pcs are located in our remote office.

Errors after system update fails partially (7000976)
Errors after system update fails partially

When I check the pcs in Zenworks control centre it lists the following:
Name Version
Bundle Module
Content Distribution Point
Inventory Module
Policy Module
Remote Management Module

Assigned System Updates gives the following:
Hotfix for ZCM 10 (TID 7000756) Update Completed

According to the Readme File:
To verify that a device has been updated to, check the following modules and/or msi/rpm on the managed devices
However, I am unable to find any *. files on the client pc.
There are *.10.0.3.msi files located at C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\system-update\10_0_3

I have also gone through the following document
Primary Agent patch for ZCM (5030380)
NOVELL: Downloads

However, the bundle downloads to the client but will not install/finish, no error appears.
I have tried to manually rename / delete the zmd.dll file however it will not let me access denied error file may be in use etc.

Can anyone help?