We have a combined groupwise server with a data volume on it having
departmental data and the user's private user directories.

We want to pull the departmental and user's private user directories off
this box and move it to its own data volume on a new 6.5sp5 server.

Obviously, the departmental directories and user's private directories
all have a variety of security rights established through groups for the
department directories and individual user assigned rights, at new user
setup, for the user directories.

Would the Server Consolidation and Migration Tool, version 1.2 be the
best way to move this data along with the rights intact to the new
server. Then all we would have to do is change the server name in the
L: drive mapping for the department files and the P: drive mapping for
the user private directories.

Any suggestions as to the best approach. We previously used SCM Tool
v1.1 to migrate this server from old hardware to new hardware. This
time we only want to move one of the volumes, which hosts this data,
leaving the original server as purely a groupwise server.