Server : nw65sp6 BM 3.8
VPN Client 3.8.16
NWClient 4.91SP4

Home network (with SLP)

When I try to make a VPN connection to my clients site, I can't login, except when I use IP adres.

So this is a nameresolution failure.
Tried modifying my hosts file and this works.

BUT I want it to work with SLP.

So I checked. SLP Scope and SLP DA address are pushed to my workstation.
Then I made a connection without logging in. Started Wireshark capture. Start->run: \\<servername>

The wireshark log shows SLP and DNS resolution attempts. SLP resolution attempts are not made to the SLPDA address just received.

SLPINFO /D does show the DA from the remote network AND that it is up.

Any suggestions?

Thomas Roes