SUSE 10 SP1/OES2; iManager 2.7.1; Windows XP SP3; Novell Client 4.91.4

I am trying to move our iPrint Driver Store from one OES2 box to another using iManager with Internet Explorer (Firefox has the same results). I am logged in as the network administrator, who also happens to be a Manager of the Driver Store.

OES2 documentation says to shutdown the Driver Store before you begin the move. However, when I click on the MOVE button a message is displayed that tells me the Driver Store is not loaded. I load the Driver Store and try again. I get the page where I can specify what drivers to move, the target server, and the eDirectory server. When I try to begin the move an error message is displayed...

Error saving driver store information
Authorization Required
iPrint Lib Error: 0x1000001
IPP Error: 0xF0191
HTTP Error: 401

Anybody have any suggestions?

Phillip Arnold
University of Central Arkansas