My server is looking good. The ZENworks Server Agent Status is green. I can login to the server with my agent and my user source is reachable and from a workstation/my server I can log into the ZCC with no problems...

So thats all good, except for one thing:

In the message log of my ZCM server I have the following issue:

Full Message: The certificate presented by the server does not match the known certificate for host
Additional Information: None
Severity: Informational
Date: August 22, 2008 3:18:11 PM
Acknowledged Date: None
Source: /Devices/Servers/mainzen01
Message ID: ZMD.CertificatesDoNotMatch
Probable Cause URL: None

My zcm server deploys the agent to workstations, but refuses to register the workstations in Zen.

I think one has to do with the other, but Im not sure what to do now. I finally have alot of things working properly and dont want to mess things up too much... my knowledge with certificates is not too great so I want to handle with caution