We've done this with NetWare, but I want to do this in OES2 Linux.


Cluster blade servers with dual-connected Qlogic HBA to Xiotech
Magnitude SAN.

Boot from SAN and MPIO is enabled with OES2 (SLES10 SP1)

Boot is managed with native partition tools (I don't believe LVM2).
Resizing that is not an issue at this point

NSS volumes under EVMS though is a diff. story.

Normally we would expand the VDISK on the Magnitude, and on NetWare, we
would just do a "scan for new devices", and then use NRM to resize the

However, it seems with SLES10/OES2 that once the OS loads, it doesn't
see the additional drive space on the existing LUN unless you reboot the

Further, this is a multi-path enabled LUN, and TID #3129645 indicates
that I need to essentially reboot the SLES server so it can see the
additional space on the existing LUN, then I need to unmount the device,
expand the partition, and then reboot the OS yet again??

But obviously I've never done this before, so hopefully there is a way
to do this without taking the server down (seems a little extreme given
today's "modern" OS--I don't have to do this with NetWare or Windows).