I just received an email from someone at Lightspeed Systems.
http://www.lightspeedsystems.com/, about their content filtering
software. I had asked them in the past about using novell
authentication some way with it, and they have just put it in.

now, i do not own stock in them (or anyone else for that fact) or
anything, nor do I currently use their product.. but I will look at
it once it does work with authenticating to NDS.. dont quote me on
this, but I think it was a one time fee, less than what we are
currently paying for a yearly subscription to another content filter

from the email.
"Just to let you know, our 4.2 version to be released mid October will

include the Novell Authentication issue Academic Software Solutions
has requested for their Novell customers. When you are willing and
ready to test our product, please give the guys at Academic Software
Solutions a call."