Novell NetWare 5.0 SP6a, all the latest patches.
BorderManager 3.6, installed as per Craig Johnson's instructions.

At this particular location, we have 2 schools in 1 building. School 1
using ClnTrust, and the workstations have IP adresses in the
range. All goes well, access rules are working, etcetera. Workstations
ClnTrust and have access to the internet this way.

School 2 is connected to the same physical network, but do not log
into the
tree of School 1. Their workstations have addresses in the
range. I added an Allow rule at the top of the rule list, to allow up to internet access, to Any Destination.
IP rules have precedence over the 'Enable Authentication' (ClnTrust)
However, this does not work. Workstations in the range
get the
message 'Access Denied because you are not logged in'. This setup does
at another location, the only difference I can recall is that this
runs NetWare 5.1.

Any ideas on how to solve this ?

Arjan Schepers
ROC Twente Plus