This is fairly complicated - I'll try to be as complete and accurate
as possible.

35 station lab, where all machines had Adaptive Agent 10.0.3 pointing
to a 10.0.3 ZCM server.

Took 20 stations, uninstalled AA 10.0.3, then installed AA 10.1
pointing at a new ZCM 10.1 server with a new management zone. 15
stations remain in the 10.0.3 environment.

Everything looks fine - until our students return and cannot run
Acrobat Reader on the new machines with AA 10.1. If I log in, the
application runs flawlessly. However, our students are subject to a
number of group policies (folder redirections, software restrictions,

Acrobat Reader works fine on the machines running in the 10.0.3
environment with all of the same group policies in place.

We tried uninstalling AA 10.1 from the 20 machines, removing them from
the new management zone, then reinstalling 10.0.3 AA from the old
server in order to add them back into the old zone. Acrobat Reader
still fails.

Nothing else but the difference in the Adaptive Agent can account for
the Acrobat failures - there is absolutely no other difference between
machines 1-20 and 21-35 except the Adaptive Agent version and
mangement zone.

We're reimaging those 20 machines to bring them back to a clean 10.0.3
configuration (Acrobat Reader is essential for us).

How do I go about diagnosing this problem? It's obviously a subtle
interaction, since it only occurs during the student logins while
subject to our group policy restrictions - and only under 10.1.

For now, this problem is a show-stopper for us moving forward with our
move to ZCM 10.1.

Any thoughts on this problem are greatly appreciated (and if there are
no thoughts, maybe this can be a cautionary tale for others).