I am verifying the destroyed ships piece, will update that later.

On the other 2 questions:
- The exotic salt shaker was used as Dr McCoy's hand held medical

- According to James Dohan (Scotty) the director noticed the "new
delivery" of Shatner in season 2.

Now for the new ones:

A - What recreational facility was never shown in the show, but was
eluded to once (a Dance), after the show official blue prints included

B - Time for names of the characters (NOT the actor names) what were
the main character names (regulars on almost every show) during the
show? - a point for each name right, -1 for each wrong. I will not
penelize for a guess that a person is a regular. e.g. if the
character's name is John Gene Baylor, and you guess John George Baylor
you will get 1 point. If you guess John Baylor you get 2.

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