I have some administrative desktop computers outfitted with the Promise Fasttrak TX2 SATA RAID controller and I need to image these with Windows XP.

However, ZEN imaging 7.01a cannot see the RAID volume but instead splits the array into two separate drives named:

After doing some general Internet research I see that Fasttrak support is theoretically possible in linux via "ft.o" or "ataraid.o" but I cannot find either of these on the PXE-boot image. There is a "/dev/ataraid" device hierarchy in the 7.01a PXE-boot image, but none of these work if I try to access them.

Also I'm not sure if trying to install these *.o files into the PXE image would solve the problem since there are no *.o files in the image, but instead they are all *.ko files, and I have never heard of a *.ko before.


Any suggestions for someone not too experienced with linux driver arcanery?

My alternative is to create a BartPE XP-SP2 boot CD with Ghost32.exe and I would prefer to not have to do that for this handful of RAID desktop machines.

- Dale Mahalko