SUMMARY: Form Fill approach configured on Access gateway is not working for Novell SSO slution.

DETAIL: We have set up Novell solution for SSO. [Identity Server (IS), iManager, eDirectory, Access gateway (AG), Management Console, identity manager, etc.]
A protected resource has been configured with "Name/Password - Form" as authentication contract and with Form Fill policy.

When we hit the protected resource:

Expected output: 1)When we hit the protected resource we should see the customized screen placed at IS
2)After typing in credentials, in the background these credentials should get authenticated.
3)If authentication succeeds in the background the target form should get filled and auto submitted as per Form Fill policy and we should be shown the Homepage (page comes after the successful login page)

Actual Output: 1)When we hit the protected resource we are shown the customized screen placed at IS.
2)Correct credentials are autheticated successfully.[logs also confirm this.]
3)After successful authentication we are shown the login page of application i.e the target form was not "form-filled" and "auto-submitted" as per Form Fill policy.

Since we are redirected to login page when we put the credentials we are shown the homepage.

Configuration details: Screen shots are attached in the doc.
(Our application is running on weblogic and webservers are used in front of the weblogic)

1) Is anything missed out in configuraiton or is something done incorrectly ?
2) Particular log entries which could suggest the issue in Form Fill approach.
Although we set the log level to debug but could not pin point the issue.
a. catalina.out on Identity server and Access gateway
b. ics_dyn.log on Access gateway.
traces of ics_dyn.log file is attached.

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