Hi Everyone, I tried this in the 4.x forums, and thought I'd try here as well (14 hours on site and counting). I am really stumped on this one. I cannot load any patches on the 4.2 server, and the mig wizard (6.5) hangs the sevrer on the nuwagent.nlm. Any thoughts? Greatly Appreciated.

Any paid support programs out there that have phone support for 4.2 still?

I was going to try an older patch level, but it looks like novell removed all patches older than SP9

hardware is really old, mirroed drives out of sync. NDS had 251 errors, with at least two ghost servers. I now have NDS healthy, 0 errors, no old server objects. Yea. Luckily backup drive is good and I have a good backup.




Hello Everyone.

I have the job of updating a 4.2 server to a new hardware platform and NW 6.5.

First problem is that when the migration wizard (6.5) tries to load nuwagent.nlm, the 4.2 server hangs (hard lock, no abend).

Second was, I downloaded SP9, and immediately upon putting the path in and pressing enter (before any files are copied) the server abends.

Finally, I downloaded the premigration patch and Clib paches. Same problem as SP9, immediatly upon hitting enter, abend.

Any suggestions? I am really stumped here.

Thanks for any help,

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