Hi all

This is more of a nuisance than anything, At the start of September I

had an access rule that allowed wider access for younger students
after 3pm. This rule has been in place for months. A few weeks ago Iwas told that the rule was not working. It turns out the rule was
kicking in at 4pm(BST). No great problem really, I just altered the
time of the rule to 2pm, I lived with the same problem on BM 2.1 for
years, it always meant that I had to manually adjust the rule when
daylight savings changes were made. Today I noticed that events
scheduled to be run by CRON from two other servers are also affected
in the same way. i.e. cron seems to be taking it's time from UTC
rather than BST. I know this was ok only 2 months ago.

The servers are currently on DS 8.82.

DSREPAIR gives the correct time and tells me all servers are in sync.
Arcserve jobs are also being thrown an hour out.

Login time restrictions behave correctly.

I am aiming to move to EDIR 8.6.2 and so the servers have had
following upgrades recently:

JVM 1.3.1
NICI 2.4.2 (after this install I received a message about features not

able to be used on DS 8.82

Maybe this post belongs elsewhere, would appreciate feedback.

Mark Phillips