I think that ZCM10SP1 cannot deploy WinXP image from single base image to multiple PCs without ENGL or other thirld party tools in eDirectory environment, right?

I have been trying to do this for 5 days or more and asked about it in here but no luck.
I can create and restore a workstation image from a PC to a PC; however, I cannot deploy the single image to other identical models due to the same GUID. I do not want to create 300 PC image on a server.

What I want is instant way to deploy Windows XP over the network to multiple PCs easily, like Microsoft RIS/WDS.

The base image PC must be ZCM regstered, so its unable to make image from unregistered PC and its unable to regenerate GUID by ZCM10, right?

Furthermore, I asked about regenerating GUID by ZCM10 in here and got some advises but no luck. I tried some ways from advises in here and from documentations and others but no luck. GUID never been regenerated on a PC. The original GUID comes back always. As a result, multiple restored PC cannot be seen on ZCC.
Sysprep is the only way to regenerate GUID that I found but I do not wan to run sysprep on 300 PCs that's pointless.
Moreover, its eDir environment, I do not want to setup AD only for RIS or WDS.

I know ENGL or Ghost can be the options but users have to pay $$$.
The user has more than 500 PCs, so ENGL or Ghost is expensive regarding the number of PCs.
If so what's the point of ZCM10's PC deployment?

I am wondering how users are deploying multi hundreds PCs by ZCM10?
This is what I want to know.
Old ZEN did not care about GUID, so it was easy but ZCM10 cares GUID.