I did the update over the weekend and we are in a slight mess.

what has happened.

previously we did the 10.0.3 update but didn't deploy the updated agent to machines due to the win32 collector issue (it only went to some workstations in a staging group).

over the weekend, we updated our 2 zcm servers to 10.0.3, deployed the agents to 2 staging groups, one of which was all 10.0.3 agents, the other a mixed bag of 10.0.3 and 10.0.1.

the 10.0.3 agents all updated and rebooted. the 10.0.1 is reporting that the update is assigned but the agents are not updating, they are all reported as pending in ZCC. has been like this for 48 hours.

I figured I would try a manual update process. I un-registered the zen agent on a 10.0.1 workstations, uninstalled the agent, did a discovery and deployment to the workstation, it rebooted and promptly had the win32 collector issue. on checking the levels of agent, it is all running the 10.0.3 agents and not the updated agents.

can someone tell me what the hell is going ??? and how to dig our way out of this hole.


1. why haven't the zenagent installs been updated for the deployment tasks to ? (and how do I ensure they are updated)
2. why aren't the 10.0.1 agents updating ?
3. At what point should I put confidence back into this product ? cause we have lost all confidence in ZCM currently and are now looking at alternatives like downgrading to ZFD to get the production environment stable again.

So far, ZCM has really hurt not only our IT department but Novell's image within the company.