I have a problem in allowing users at remote sites connected via a VPN

across broadband.

The users would like internet access, and I would like them to use our

policies which are already in place.

The remote users are on a 172.17.1.x - 172.17.6.x networks.
The main site is on a 192.168.x.x ff.ff.00.00 net
The BM server is has 2 nics, and this is
connected to
a dynamic ip'd adsl modem/router. The cards are marked as public /

Those on local lan ie 192.168.x.x have no problem connecting to
Those at remote sites have a time out error if they try and ping, but they can ping the next IP address which is the mainNetWare server they all logon to. (Host files are therfore being

I have tried adding a route on the but this still appears
fail. What have I done wrong, where and why.

Sorry this is a long mail, but I really am beginning to struggle with

Many Regards