Iv'e asked the question before but now I got another customer with the
same problem, so I'll ask again.

Problems come when using SyncML (in this case with SonyEricsson
K530i). Everything configuted right. It starts sync, but after 5-10
posts it stops, ans sys on the phone:
"A sessions failed.
Invalid server response."
When checking the logs on the serverside, it says:
"Unexpected failure detected: NullPointerException"

At the first customer, we disabled the sync of contacts on one phone,
and just synced calendar, and then it worked. But another phone
(W810i) on same customer syncs just calendar and still gets the same
On the other customer, syncs both calendar and contacts, or just
calendar, problem still there.

I have not sniffed the machine, but when the same problem comes in two
different installations, maybe there is som general problem...

BTW server is running Windows, andGMS is 204.