I've got a production environment with roughly 41 primary ZCM servers all running SLES 10 SP1 with ZCM patched up to level I'm trying to send the patch to the workstations in our field offices (across WAN links) and the workstations have been sitting at 'Update Assigned' for about 24 hours now. The workstations have for the most part successfully updated to level Each field office does have a server with ZCM installed on it in the office and the workstations are configured to use closest server rules to download content from their local server. When I imported the update into our environment I imported it into our 'main' ZCM server located at our headquarters. Correct me if I'm wrong but it does not look like the content for the update replicated out to my field servers and if this is the case would the field workstations be able to or know to get the update from the 'main' ZCM server? If this is the case how would I get this update installed on my field workstations? Please keep in mind that I have roughly 2000 workstations to get updated. We will be updating to in the future but can not right now because we are in the middle of upgrading more field offices from ZEN 7 to ZCM 10 and I want to wait until we are finished upgrading the field offices before I make the necessary changes to the servers to install the ZCM service pack.