I am attempting to setup a new database on a fresh install of SQL server

I would like to point out that I'm fairly new with SQL and especially
SQL 2005.

My SQL server uses Windows Authentication.

I have left all settings default. I am installing locally from the
actual sql box.

D:\setup.exe -c

I select Microsoft SQL Server

Create new database

Server Address: Server2.myorg.com.au
Username: Administrator
Password: Password
Domain: myorg.com.au

The above information is the user I have logged into my environment with
and can login to the sql server management studio.

I selected Use Windows authentication. It allows me to do a next.

C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\database
As default.

This is where I am confused and is causing me havoc. Perhaps I dont
understand sql but hoping someone can help me out.

Database: Myorg_ZEN
Username: I have added a user which is already in AD. user1.
Password: user1pass
Domain: myorg.com.au
Use Windows Authentication

I assumed user1 must already exist. He does, I've added his to the
sysadmin group in server roles within sql. This may or may not be a
good idea, but I'm in a test environment and this error is doing my head in.

I get:

"There was an error during the creation of the ZENworks database.
Please review the error, and try again. Click next to quit the

The log is not any more helpful.

ERROR 26/08/2008 20:36:16 Failed to create the database

Can anyone help me out here ?